Saturday, 30 July 2011


Ashlyn a simply stunning FTV model - enjoy the pictures - there's even more about her below

Receiving a maximum rating from FTV members it's not surprising that pretty young Ashlyn is now well known in the porn industry as Ashlyn Rae.
What struck me was not just how attractive she is but she has some of the best long legs I've seen on FTV.
Ashlyn's forte is definitely public exposure. She seems to have no worries about parading around in front of strangers naked.
With masturbation taking place both with and without toys in a variety of occasions she gives total commitment in getting to orgasm.
Some of these orgasms were a bit stubborn in occuring but determined Ashlyn always carries on unfazed until both she and the viewer are satisfied. Oh and her fisting is fun too!
If you become a FTV member she is a very worthy download with over an hour of video and stunning photosets to be had. To join FTV to get this footage click here